World Photographic Club Competition Winner!! Yay!!

Competition Winner

The winner for our “Love” competition is…

Tammy Lanham – New Castle, United States

Came home to this email tonight from the World Photographic Club: 

The World Photographic Club competition entitled Love is now closed for voting. The World Photographic Club is delighted to inform you that your submission received the greatest number of votes and You are therefore the winner of this Competition!

Congralulations! Your submission is now displayed on the homepage of the site for all to see!

From all at the World Photographic Club


Isn’t that just cool!?!?  I’ve entered several contests and done quite well in several.  I won the Jessamine Journal’s Amateur contest back in 2002 (before I went pro in this) and have won some honorable mentions at the Kentucky State Fair.  Then I got published in the American Profile Magazine and this May, I was published in People Magazine (the picture from above – of my Grandma “Nanny” and my kids).   This win is especially significant because it was an international competition judged by peer photographers.  God knows when I need a boost and I think this was His blessing.  All the glory goes to Him…



in People Magazine, May 17th, 2010 issue p. 49So my mom called me last night to ask me if I knew the good news?  She told me my cousin Shannon had been calling me & couldn’t get me.  Well, Shannon had told us all this past weekend that she was pregnant.  I thought THAT was the good news.  Then my mom so lovingly said, “NO, ding-dong!  Your image of Nanny & the kids is in People Magazine!!!”  After I got done squealing & screaming, I hung up and drove like an idiot to WalMart to buy 5 copies!  And right there, on page 49 of the May 17th issue, there is the image of my grandma “Nanny” and my 2 kids.  People Magazine has a readership of 3.75 million – LOTS of people can see MY image!  I’m so excited! 

I went back to Rehoboth over Thanksgiving (2009) and did a “Barn Collection” series.  Had about half a dozen people sign up for one of these sessions.  Since I already had my equipment with me, I took my stuff down to Nanny’s house & began taking some images & got this gorgeous one!  Notice the scratch on my daughter’s face – she just finished duking it out with a dog & she lost… 🙂  That’s okay, though.  Was still a great image. 

So, I’ve contacted 5 different newspapers & issued a press release.  Several will be doing a story on the piece & I’ll have lots more to blog about over the coming weeks!  God is so good – it’s because of Him that I have the talent & passion to do this!