Today’s Interview

What a cool afternoon!  We had a visit from a great local reporter, Cynthia Difazio, for the Henry County Local Newspaper.  She interviewed my husband Tommy Lanham (  for various reasons:  he’s the new lead minister at New Castle Christian Church, he’s got an internet talk radio show that’s really taking off (Dwight Bain will be his guest in a few weeks… that’s BIG), and he’s been asked to launch his new book on a cruise ship where he’s the main speaker, next September (2011). 

Link to the cruise:

She interviewed me about my photography business ( and my getting an image published in People Magazine (3.75 million readers).  She also asked us lots of questions about how we like our amazing new community here in New Castle, Kentucky.  Story goes to print tomorrow & we’ll get a paper on Wednesday!  Can’t wait to share the article!