It ain’t over, yet…

It ain’t over, yet… ¬†ūüôā

Last year at this time, I was miserable. ¬†I had so much extra weight on me. ¬†My self esteem was suffering and I didn’t want to go through “another year” of setting the same old resolution only to get off track by mid-January and lose hope AGAIN.

This year, I was miserable because of health issues. ¬†I’ve had a shoulder injury which has caused some excruciating pain at times and ended me up in the Emergency Room. ¬†I’ve been sedentary since the Wednesday before Christmas and on lots of pain pills and muscle relaxers. ¬†For about a week, I could not even wash dishes, vacuum, lift anything heavier than a fork or do laundry. ¬†(Oh, darn, right??) ¬†I’m realizing what a true gift my health really is.

So, here we are on New Year’s Eve, 2011. ¬†No, I have not hit my initial goal of losing 50 pounds, in fact, over the holidays, I gained about 5 pounds and just in the past week (since the ER visit with my back) I have gained an additional 3. ¬†I’m weighing in somewhere around 164. ¬†So, I have a decision to make. ¬†Do I let it get me down that I’ve gained 8-10 pounds back or do I use that as a springboard to motivate me to keep going forward with more energy and determination? ¬†I choose the springboard. ¬†I found this photo posted on facebook:

This is my motivation. ¬†I haven’t made it to my goal yet but I’m not as far from it as I was this time last year. ¬†My journey began January 18th, 2011. ¬†It does not have an ending point, a destination of sorts. ¬†It will be a lifelong journey for me so I’ve settled in for the long haul. ¬†It’s not a diet. ¬†It’s a mindset. ¬†A lifestyle. ¬†I know at this time of year, there’s the big fitness push, all the TV commercials, all the books on the shelves, all the talk is about getting fit and healthy, getting organized, getting out of debt, etc. ¬†If you do choose to try and live healthier this year, I challenge you, don’t let it be a fad – do it for real this year.


I’m starting somewhere around 164 this year, last year I was 204.8. ¬†Some resources I have found useful over the past year:


The book GOALS by Tommy Lanham – to step by step this book¬†really helped ¬†me set small attainable goals with a purpose… ones I can actually accomplish! ¬†I can’t tell you what a difference this book has made in my personal journey. ¬†It’s a short, easy read that has the potential to change your life if you let it.


A life coach – I have worked with a life coach through most of this journey. ¬†It really helps me stay on track when I know that each week, I have someone asking me, “How’d you do this week?” ¬†“Did you do your 5 workouts?” ¬†“What do you feel you need to do this week?” ¬†My life coach has helped me focus on what’s important and the REASONS I have to lose weight.


A sponsor – I have a dear friend of mine who has lost so much weight. ¬†She understands it – she “gets it.” ¬†She didn’t have surgery, do fad diets or starve herself. ¬†She understands how much of an addiction this can be and howhard it is. ¬†I can call her in the middle of Kroger with 2 boxes of HoHo’s in my cart and she will tell me to walk away… ask me how I know!! ¬†ūüôā ¬†She will be 100% honest and even though she’s 10 hours away, she will kick my butt if I don’t stick to the plan. – this is a website I have been using to track my food intake, count calories and connect with others who have the same goals I have.


I have not been doing my devotions and reading my Bible like I should over the past few weeks. ¬†The hustle and bustle of the holidays has gotten me off track spiritually and I really do believe that when I’m off spiritually, every other aspect of my life suffers, including the weight issue. ¬†I’m starting off tomorrow with 3 new books. ¬†Made to Crave, the Made to Crave devotional and The Maker’s Diet.

I’ll keep you posted on my opinion of these books. ¬†I do want to encourage you to read, educate yourself and challenge yourself. ¬†If you immerse yourself in information about health & wellness, you’re much more likely to stick to losing the weight and making healthier choices.


Brian Tracy says “You are what you think about most of the time.” ¬†If you think about how much you miss those doughnuts or those sweets, that’s what you will focus on. ¬†Instead, think about health, read about it, start your own blog about it, talk about it with your spouse, family members, friends. ¬†Surround yourself with information and health and it will be a great start to this journey.

So, there you have it. ¬†My renewed¬†commitment¬†to my health, my God and my blog. ¬†ūüôā ¬†If you want to receive a notification when I post a new blog (typically 2-3 times per month) then click on “Yep, I’m in, sign me up!” ¬† Let me know if you’re on the same journey and let’s cheer each other on! ¬†God bless you this new year!



Focus.¬† It’s not just a car that Ford makes.¬† ūüôā¬† When you focus on something, it becomes important in your life.¬† That’s why it is essential to have a goal.¬† It gives you something to focus on.¬† I once heard a motivational speaker ask “If you go hunting and you see a field full of deer, do you just randomly shoot hoping to get lucky or do you pick one, focus on it and shoot?”¬† Any hunter out there will tell you your chances of killing a deer are next to nothing if you try to shoot them all.¬† You’ve got to have focus.

When I first started this journey on January 18, 2011, I weighed 204.4 pounds and was physically and emotionally miserable.  I chose to focus on my weight and becoming healthy again.  I read books that educated me on nutrition (not silly fad diets), I joined and educated myself on calories and exercise.  I began working on setting goals, developing healthy habits and making a plan with my life coach, Brian Osher.  I began to move more and eat wisely.  I weighed in every week and blogged weekly about my experiences as the weight began to come off.  Choosing to focus on my journey was as big a decision as committing to eat healthier and start exercising.

I weighed in this morning at 155.4.  To date, that is a loss of 49.0 pounds.  I have so much more energy, I feel fantastic (most days) and my health issues (especially the digestive issues) have all but disappeared.

I’m going to risk sounding negative here but I want to share something.¬† When people see me and notice the weight¬†loss, they often ask “How did you do it?¬† I really need to¬†do something about my weight.”¬† When I tell them (often to their disappointment) that I am eating¬†healthier and exercising,¬†you can almost see them mentally change the channel.¬† I get excuse after excuse as to why they can’t change their diet:¬† “My husband¬†likes¬†fatty foods and I don’t want to cook 2 different meals for us every night.”¬†¬†“I have a hurt¬†(insert body part) and can’t exercise.”¬† “I¬†just can’t find the time to exercise.”¬†¬†You know what?¬† That only tells me that they¬†don’t really want to do something about their weight.¬†¬†Zig¬†Ziglar says “If you¬†really wanted to¬†be something different than what you¬†are, you would already be making the changes to become what you want.”¬† You’ve got to get to¬†“That Point.”¬† If they’re not to that point, I can see why¬†they tune me out.¬† So forgive me when I answer¬†the “How did you do it?”¬†questions with a quick but polite answer.¬† If¬†you really want to know more, ask for more details but I won’t offer them.¬† I’ve been¬†tuned out¬†too many times.

My weight loss has not been easy РI have often equated it to the disease of alcohol addiction, only my disease is food addiction.  When I stopped making excuses, God blessed my efforts and has been faithful.  I know it sounds absolutely crazy but when I lag behind on my devotions or find myself lacking in my prayer life, my weight tends to go up.  I honestly believe that losing weight is as much a physical endeavor as it is emotional, mental and spiritual.

Do you find yourself offering excuse after excuse?¬† Don’t wait for New Year’s – start now – start tonight.¬† “If you’re going to make a real and lasting change, you must make changes immediately and enthusiastically!”¬† – Tommy Lanham

Make this a focus and do something for yourself, the Lord’s temple, your children’s parent, your parent’s child, your spouse…. stop making excuses.¬† Click on “Sign me up” at the right hand side of this blog & join me as we go through this journey together.¬† I need you – I need your support and your success stories and your “I just ate a bag of Ding-Dong’s” stories.¬†¬† Commitment is a balance between formula and freedom.¬† Let’s be free together!¬† Come on, we can do this!


No Magic here…..

It’s been a crazy busy week but a good one.¬† Just wanted to do a quick post to fill in everybody on the progress of this weight loss journey I’m on.¬† I didn’t¬†blog last week but my weigh in was 172.2 (loss of .8).¬† A little smaller number than usual but I was still happy with it.¬† So far, I’ve not gained or stayed the same¬† – I’ve lost something all 19 weeks of this journey.¬† If only you knew how many times in my life¬†I’ve tried this and failed….

What’s different this time?¬† I’ve got a coach, a sponsor (accountability partner) and I’m helping mentor someone else through this journey.¬† When you’ve got a team to work with, it’s amazing how much more accountability there is and when someone else is looking to you for information, you’ve got to be the real deal.¬† You can’t back off or eat unhealthy stuff when someone else is watching you.¬† It’s amazing what accountability does.

My weigh in this morning was 168.2, a loss of 4 pounds just this week (and a loss of 36.2 so far)! ¬†That’s the most I’ve lost in a single week!!¬† I’m now in the 160’s!!¬† I’m teaching a large money saving strategies class tonight and I’ve been working a lot of hours putting the final touches on the presentation.¬† Tomorrow is my son’s birthday, I’m having a yardsale Thursday and Friday, my daughter is¬†running her own lemonade¬†and cookie stand during it, ¬†and our best friends are coming to spend the weekend with us for Dylan’s big birthday party on Monday.¬† When I have that much going on in my life, I want to eat!¬† That’s why my goal this week was to survive without gaining anything.¬† So far, so good – a 4¬†pound loss is major in my world!

I’ve had tons more people asking me how I did it… what’s the secret.¬† I feel like I’m disappionting them when I say “Eat healthy & exercise.”¬† I think they are expecting some magic potion or pill.¬† I get contacted on facebook¬†almost weekly about trying¬†a new diet drink, pill or¬†strategy.¬†¬†There is no magic here.¬† It’s hard work¬†and learning.¬† “When we stop growing, our momentum quickly fades, and we start the process of atrophy.”¬† – Zig Ziglar

It’s about the choices you make.¬† “Like a sturdy building, each choice we make to honor God is a block in the structure of our spiritual experience.¬† We grow stronger with each God-honoring decision.¬† Life is a classroom.¬† Only those who are willing to be lifelong learners will move to the head of the class.”¬† –¬†Zig Ziglar

Have a good week, folks!  God bless!

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A Rant: “The Point”

I hit 3 milestones this week!

1.  I am no longer in the obese category!!
2.  I weigh less today than I did on my wedding day 11 years ago.
3.¬† I’ve broken the 30 pounds lost mark – I’ve officially lost 30.2 pounds in just under 4 months!

This feels soooooo good!!!

Oh, I almost forgot…. I’m now officially OVER 1/2 way to my goal!!!¬† Official Weigh in:¬† 174.2¬† ūüôā

WARNING:  Now I will rant:

When people see me¬†and notice my weight loss (by the way, it took me losing 21 pounds before anyone ever said a word), they ask “So, what program are you using?”¬†or “How are you doing it?”¬† When I tell them I’m exercising and making better food choices, they look at me like I fell from the moon or have corn stalks growing out of my ears!¬† Is that so hard to believe?¬† Huge news flash people:¬† there is no miracle diet, no quick trick, no magical pill to take…¬† it takes hard work, eating right and exercising.¬† I’m so sorry if I’ve upset you but it’s the truth.¬† ūüėČ

For me, my personal experience, I had to come to THE POINT…¬† the point where I was sick¬†and tired and decided I must do something about losing weight.¬† Notice, I didn’t say I decided I needed to do something about it, I decided it was a MUST.¬† I was fed up and entirely disgusted at how I was treating my body and I was ready to commit to doing whatever it took to get rid of it.¬† If you don’t get to that point, you’ll never do it.¬† Yes, a lot of us feel¬† like we really should do something to lose a few pounds or we need to start eating right but until you get to that utterly fed up “point” – it’s not happening.¬† I have a friend who says she needs to lose weight but she hasn’t come to that “point” yet so she’s not even going to start because she knows she’ll get frustrated and give up.¬† She says she’ll do it when she reaches that point.¬† I have to respect that.

So where are you?¬† Are you to that point, yet?¬† I’m not saying I’m perfect in this by any means.¬† Every single day is a learning journey and it is frustrating.¬† I have several friends who are losing weight in a healthy way¬†and are dropping the pounds twice as fast as I am.¬† I cheer for them but inside, I’m thinking… I’ve been doing this as long as they have and I’ve only lost 30 pounds…¬† Then I have to kick myself in the pants and realize, I’ve lost 30 pounds!¬† That’s a huge accomplishment for me, something¬†I have never been able to do.¬† I have stuck with this lifestyle change (not a diet) and have settled into it as a way of life.¬† I’m educating myself.¬† I’m not going back.¬† I have 24 more pounds to lose so I’m nowhere near done.¬† God has given me strength and surrounds me daily with people who encourage¬†me and hold me accountable and I have no doubts that those 24 pounds will come off.¬† God is good….

…end of rant…

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The New-“er” Me

I made it!¬† I made it!¬† I just overcame my first plateau!¬† I lost a grand whopping total of 1 whole pound in the previous 2 weigh-ins so I decided to switch the routine up a little bit and jump-start my body into losing more weight and it worked!¬† Let me¬†share some details.¬† I do the same workout every morning – I try to burn 350 calories on my elliptical in around 25-28 minutes.¬† I never eat before a workout (I get insanely sick to my stomach) and I try to stay at or just under the 1200 calories I’m trying to consume each day.¬† That was the old”er” me.

Well, I decided to do some different workout routines.  I am a part of a walking group that meets on Wednesday nights and I started working out with a lady from my church to a DVD workout program on Monday mornings.  The variety in workouts helped keep me from getting bored this week.  Kinda new for me.  I liked it.

I never, ever eat breakfast before a workout.¬† It makes me sluggish and sick to my tummy.¬† But after reading all the information on metabolism, I’m convinced it’s wise to eat a little something before a workout.¬† I experimented a couple of days and found out that 1/2 of a¬†banana about 15 minutes before a workout didn’t cause much nausea.¬† Huh… who would’ve thought?¬† ūüėȬ† This is me…. getting smarter.

As I reviewed my food journal (logged online at¬†– a completely free website, by the way) I noticed I was staying between 1000-1200 calories most days.¬† For the goals I have set, it is recommended that I keep my calorie intake at 1200 per day.¬†¬†The body needs 1200 calories just to eat, digest, breathe, keep your heart beating, etc.¬† So I think my body was holding on to everything I was putting into it because I suddenly stopped the regular weight loss (averaging 1.0 – 1.5 pounds lost¬†per week).¬† I started eating a bare minimum of 1200 this week and also ate back some of my workout calories.¬† (1200 +350 for that elliptical workout each day = 1550 calories).¬† In order for your body to burn calories and lose weight, you have to give it enough energy (calories) to do so.¬† I know, sounds kind of mixed up, doesn’t it?¬† But I started eating more and ended up jumping right off that plateau I was stalled at.¬† This is me…. getting wiser.

Today, my dad had surgery to remove some skin cancer.¬† During the procedure, my kids and I went out to the stairwell and went from top to bottom (3 flights of stairs) 8 times.¬† Took me 6 minutes and buddy, my calves are feeling it tonight, but I did it!¬† There was a day not too long ago (about 3 1/2 months ago, to be exact) that I could’ve walked up the 11 steps from my basement without getting out of breath.¬† Yes, my extended family visiting in the waiting room must’ve thought I was weird.¬† The staff at the hospital must’ve thought I was weird.¬† No, I didn’t have workout clothes on.¬† Yes, I was concerned I’d be all stinky by the time I was done.¬† No, apparently, I wasn’t all that concerned because I did it anyway.¬† And yes, I did get sweaty and stinky.¬† I don’t care because I did it ANYWAY.¬†¬†Yep, that’s the new”er” smarter, wiser¬†me.¬†¬†I kinda like her….. even if she is a little stinky.¬† ūüôā

Oh, yeah…. you wanna know my weigh-in this week?¬† I weighed in at an even 176.0!¬† I am now 1 pound from the weight I was at on my wedding day almost 11 years ago.¬† I’m MORE than 1/2 way to my goal.¬† I started at 204.2 and my goals is 150.¬† 28.2 down in 3 months, 10 days.¬†¬†26 more pounds¬†to go.¬† Let’s do this!¬† Follow this blog by clicking “Yep, I’m in!¬† Sign me up!” to the upper right hand side of this story.¬† Let’s do this together!¬† Find the new”er” you!

The Value of a Goal

I know I say it every week but – Wow!¬† What a week!¬† The cravings have come back with vengence.¬† Since I’m an emotional eater, I immediately thought about a possible trigger.¬† What’s been bringing on these cravings?¬† Why do I want to eat and I don’t mean just¬†a Little Debbie cake,¬†I want to eat the whole box!¬† (And I’m not exaggerating.)¬† The only thing I could think of was the lack of sleep over Easter weekend.¬† I had an excessive amount of work to do and really got overwhelmed in addition to the fact that we were up very early all weekend.¬† So, now I know.¬† I eat when I’m emotional and when I’m dead tired.¬† Do you want to know the really cool thing???¬† 3 months ago, before I started this journey, I would not have given it a second thought.¬† I would’ve eaten that entire box of Swiss Roll Cakes (my absolute worst weakness) and not wondered about triggers or anything else.¬† I would’ve stuffed my face until I was miserable.

I’m making progress.¬† I’ve been at this for 14 weeks and have lost a total of 25.4 pounds.¬† This past week, I only lost .2.¬† I was disappointed at first but then I thought about this journey as a whole.¬† It’s not a race, it’s a marathon and as long as I’m still moving ahead, I’m winning.¬† It’s when I sit down and give up that I’ve lost.¬† Sure, I’ve lost some momentum and gotten a little frustrated, but I’m still here.¬† I’m still going.

Last week, in my call with Brian, my life coach, I mentioned some things I needed to work on… one being wanting to spend more time with my children.¬† Then I proceeded to give him every reason under the sun that I was “too busy.”¬† His exact words:¬† “Blah!¬† Blah!¬† End of discussion.¬† Just do it!”¬† Don’t you just love him?¬† Geesh!¬† I feel very blessed that I have found somebody who knows me well enough he feels he can kick my rear end into gear.¬† This week, I told him I was fighting those cravings and I felt I was losing some momentum.¬† “The one thing that always works is focusing on all your reasons.¬† Your reasons will always outweigh those temptations.”¬† (Brian Osher)¬† He’s a pretty smart guy, isn’t he?¬† So I’m¬†compiling all my reasons for losing weight¬†into a list this week so it’s convenient to review when I’m losing some momentum.¬† More words of encouragement from Brian:

“Get tough.¬† Step up.¬† God made us to do hard things.”

“Think about what got you committed in the first place.¬† Plan for the obstacles.”

“Get back to the basics, get fired up and make it happen.”

I write all this stuff down in a journal every week to review and keep me going.¬† Journaling has helped tremendously.¬† So has where I journal my food and exercise daily.¬† I joined a challenge on that website 2 weeks¬†ago to burn 3500 calories through exercise in 1 week.¬† Since I typically burn 1800 calories in workouts, I wasn’t sure I would be able to reach 3500 but I set that goal and worked towards it.¬† At the end of the week, I did not reach the goal.¬† I burned 3000 calories and¬†I discovered the value of a goal.¬† Sure, I didn’t reach it BUT if I had not joined the challenge and set that goal, I would’ve still been burning 1800 calories.¬†

So with the help of my life coach,¬†I set another goal this week.¬† I weighed in this week at 178.8.¬† My goal this week is to lose 1.8 pounds.¬† I typically don’t set a weekly weight loss goal but this week, it seemed necessary to help me gain some momentum.¬† When I lose 1.8 pounds, I will be EXACTLY at the 1/2 way point…. that’s a good reward.¬†¬†Ahhhhh, the value of a goal…. ūüôā

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Confessions of a Food Addict in Recovery

So I’ve been on this journey for an entire week now… guess that doesn’t quite make me an expert now, does it?¬† But I have started and I will finish this.¬† I’ll re-cap for those of you just discovering this food addict’s blog.¬† I am Tammy Lanham and I am a food addict.¬† I have been sober for most of the past week.¬† Definition of sober: ¬†showing no excessive or extreme qualities of fancy, emotion or prejudice.¬† The “excessive” part is where I have problems.¬† I eat to relieve stress, calm me down and when I’m emotional.¬† I use it as a drug.¬† I have been comparing this struggle to an alcoholics struggle with becoming sober.¬† Thank goodness, I have never had to fight the horrid battle an alcoholic faces but I’m battling my own demon, the demon of overeating.¬† I do not belittle an alcoholic’s struggle in the least – in fact, since I’ve started viewing¬†my own¬†battle as an addiction, I can better appreciate what an alcoholic goes through, although I am sure I still haven’t a clue.¬†

You see, I’ve tried losing weight for the better part of my adult life.¬† It’s my genes, right?¬† Not my fault so might as well have another doughnut, right?¬† Maybe it’s my thyroid…¬† See the problem?¬† I’ve made excuses all my life.¬† I’ve made bad food decisions all my life.¬† I’ve belonged to gyms, gone to weekly weight loss support groups and¬†been on more diets than I can count.¬† I didn’t even want to set any goals (resolutions) this year because I set the same goal every year:¬† “to lose weight” and every year, I get frustrated and fall off the wagon.¬† So I waited until mid-January and with very little gusto, decided to try this thing one more time.¬† And I might add, this was about the same time (okay, the exact same day) that my 7 year old daughter with her nose sneered in disgust quietly told me in a dressing room at the clothing store that “Mommy, your legs are fat.”¬† Crushed me into a million little pieces.¬† Still puts a lump in my throat just thinking about it.¬† It was a very low moment for me.¬†

I contacted my life coach Brian Osher and he set my wheels into motion.¬† You see, I’ve lost weight tons of time (and gained even more back) but I have never done THIS before – I have never tried to beat an addiction, to remedy¬†a disease.¬† I have to view it this way so my brain doesn’t tell me “You’ve done this a million times before and it never works.”¬† I have to scream at my brain to “shut up!”¬† So I’m telling it that I’m overcoming a disease – an addiction that has taken hold of me and is literally trying to kill me.

I hate exercise.¬† I know that healthy eating AND exercise are the keys to beating this but I HATE exercise.¬† At the end of my coaching session last Tuesday, Brian asked me to set a goal for the week.¬† My goal was to climb onto my eliptical machine (the one that’s sitting in the basement collecting dust… yeah, that one) for at least 5 minutes every day.¬† Okay, Brian, I can commit to that.¬† And I did it!¬† In fact, now I’m doing 8 minutes a day.¬† And this week, I’ve committed to doing that every day and adding in one Christian yoga session.¬† Baby steps…¬† a little at the time.¬†

Here’s a shocker – I eat pretty healthy.¬† Some of my favorite snacks are dried banana chips, sunflower seeds and dried apples.¬† I eat whole wheat pastas and breads.¬† I eat lean red meat and organic veggies and fruits.¬† The problem is that I don’t know when to stop.¬† I eat all the time – I think the proper terminology is “grazing.”¬† I’m not really hungry, I just eat because I happen to be walking through the kitchen¬†as the cabinet doors fly open, grab me and pull me over while shoving yummy snacks down my throat… at least that’s what it feels like.¬† So this week’s goal is to cut out second helpings and stop grazing.¬† I can have a snack but I have to put it in a small bowl (make it a portion) and sit down & enjoy it.¬† No more sitting a bag of chips on the counter¬†and eating out of it until half of it is gone.¬† To help me remember to stay out of the cabinets, I have a rubberband holding the handles of the cabinets together.¬† Sometimes, I wish I had a padlock… but the rubberband will do.¬†

Another baby step I’ve taken is to find a sponsor – isn’t that what they call the people who buddy up with the alcoholic to help him/her through a tough time?¬† I’ve got a sponsor who has lost weight, kept it off¬†and is passionate about health.¬†¬† She is setting an example to her 2 young children.¬† She will kick my butt if I don’t follow through on my commitments (and believe me, this woman WILL severly kick my rear end into shape – it doesn’t matter if she’s 10 hours away!)¬† She loves me and encourages me daily.¬† She’s on speed dial on my phone.¬†

Another baby step – I’m keeping a journal and filling it with positive thoughts, scriptures, quotes I see on facebook or hear in my husband’s sermons.¬† My favorites from this week:¬† “Temptation is a sign that Satan hates you – not a sign of weakness or worldliness.¬† Every temptation is an opportunity to win, to overcome evil and to do good… an opportunity for victory.”¬† – Tommy Lanham¬†¬† “Sometimes you have to believe in somebodys’ belief IN you before your belief kicks in.” -Les Brown

This week, I lost 3.2 pounds.¬† That’s 12 sticks of butter according to my good friend Tom Hailey.¬† ūüôā¬† Thanks Tom…

So you see, I’m not setting any long term goals.¬† I know what weight I am comfortable at and I’d like to get somewhere in that area but for now, I need to make it through THIS day.¬† I will make good decisions for THIS day – I will be sober today.¬† I will exercise today.¬† I will spend time with my Creator today.¬† I will take care of¬†our children today.¬† I will respect my husband today.¬† I will succeed TODAY.¬† I have no idea what will happen tomorrow but as for TODAY, I am doing this!