My New Pet: Sourdough bread!?

FM aratisan breadfarmers marketWhen we lived in New Castle, Kentucky, this wonderful woman, Janet, baked the most amazing sour dough bread you’ve ever put into your mouth.  Topped with some smoked cheddar, it would bring anybody to their knees begging for more. I visited her often at the local farmers market.  In other words, I stalked her every time she was there and secretly hoped she would turn her head so I could grab the whole basket and run for home.  yogistealsSince moving to southern Kentucky,  I have not found a “new Janet.”

So a friend posted on Facebook she had extra sourdough starter and asked if anybody could use it.  I’ve been DYING to learn this craft so I enthusiastically responded (pretty much begged) – “Me!  Me!”  I picked it up from her house and then life came along.  Hours after picking up this precious specimen of fermenting dough and bacteria, we got our sons’ crazy baseball schedule.  My free evenings were put on hold.  Until the end of November!!  Oh sourdough, how long will you elude me?

This was almost 10 days ago.  Three days ago, after having dreams of sinking my teeth into a fresh loaf of hot, homemade bread dripping with warm butter, I FINALLY found this amazing website explaining what to do with this prefect little baggie of starter.  Oh my goodness, what have I gotten myself into?  There are exactly HOW MANY steps to doing this!??!  And there are feedings?!  Whaaaaaa?  You’re supposed to FEED this stuff (previously referred to as my precious specimen) twice a day?  I’m lucky if I feed my kids twice a day!!  (joking…….. kind of…..)


So I began feeding it.  Holy cow – this stuff is like the Gremlins movie back in the 1980’s – you feed this stuff, it grows!!  I mean, seriously, it doubles in size twice a day!  It’s kind of like having my own pet.  I feed it, check in on it, make sure it doesn’t explode out of the bowl I currently have it housed in, watch for bubbles to make sure it’s breathing…. just like some kind of weird pet.  From a horror film.  A low budget one.

Then yesterday.  Oh my.  I decided it was time to do something with this living, breathing pet of mine.  Okay – that’s a lie.  I HAD to do something with it because I feared it would take over my kitchen.  And eat my children.

I revisited that really awesome website and watched videos for an hour.  After regaining my strength from being so overwhelmed, I rolled up my sleeves and jumped in.  I mixed this stuff and began to knead the bread.  For 20 minutes.  Whoa!  No wonder my grandma could bring you down with one whack of a wooden spoon!  She was so strong from kneading bread!!  I was literally sweating through my clothing – my husband began chanting from the kitchen table “Come on, you can do it!”  Yes, I have my own sourdough cheering squad.  And he’s sexy as all get out…..  be jealous.


After 20 minutes, I covered my pet and let it rise once more.  Several hours later, I peeked at it.  It
had doubled in size again.  Ready for baking!  I followed the instructions and 30 minutes later, the timer beeped.  This glowing, lightly browned knob of warm, steaming bread came out of the oven.  My beautiful little pet had been baked to perfection.


Then I ate it.


Go ahead, ask me if I feel guilty.  Ha!  Not one stinking bit!  I’m even going to eat it’s children and grandchildren without remorse!  And with butter and jelly.

And after I shot the images to go with this blog, I turn around to find this waiting……  I think he liked it.


Onward to more baking adventures!!


My Spending Fast – The Lesson of the 4 Old Brushes

nospendingSo I’ve decided to expand our yearly February “no grocery store” commitment.  This year I thought about expanding it to “no restaurants.”  My only 2 exceptions were gasoline and whatever Valentine’s Day plans my husband makes.  The more I thought about it and looked around me at our first world home crammed full of first world “necessities” I became increasingly aware of my “first world spoiled-ness” (Is that even a word?) and was convinced we need to simplify our lives.
So, after my “first world” epiphany, I began to plan.  I wrote out a whole month of meal plans carefully planning fresh foods for early in the month and frozen and canned goods for later in the month.  I purchased our typical budget ($400/mo.) worth of food on January 30th.  It took 3 people to roll the carts out and stuff all those groceries into our van!  The only thing I made SURE we had an abundant excess of was toilet paper.  ‘Cause Lord knows, we don’t need to be running out of toilet paper in this house.

We’ve eaten good this first week of the fast.  We had fresh spinach all week, fresh apples, bananas (they were gone by Tuesday), grapes, blueberries and many other goodies.  We ate these fresh produce items first knowing they would spoil quickest.  Confession time:  I will admit we had one slip-up.  We had an incident where we had ordered lunch at an organization a few months ago and they couldn’t find our payment.  We were there, it was lunch and didn’t have time to run home to pick up anything.  So we went to Wendy’s and let the kids eat from the value menu… (I told them they’d better be glad Mommy was being flexible)…. while I sat and drank my free Wendy’s water.  Lesson learned:  From now on, we take a bag of snacks and bottled water with us wherever we go, at least in the month of February.

So, I’ve already spent our budget this month, so how is this saving us money??  My hope is that it will make me think about what we DO have and make use of it instead of me joining in our culture’s “throw it away or buy a new one” mentality.  My only example thus far is this….. our children needed paint brushes for a canvas painting art class they just began taking.  I somehow missed the memo that they needed to bring their own brushes.  I thought the class fee would cover brushes.  In the past, I would have run out and purchased them both their own set of new br1brushes (along with at least $50+ of “necessary” stuff I didn’t know I “needed” until I got to the store).  But because of this spending fast, I asked my daughter to go through all of her paint supplies to see what she could find.  Did she find a whole package of brand new brushes?  Nope!  She dug like she was digging for a golden treasure.  (Did I mention this also accomplished a goal of cleaning up her  art area??)  She squealed when she found 4 used, crusted up old paint brushes.  We washed them up, put them in her backpack and took them to class with her.  She leaves them in class for when her brother goes in right after her and he uses them.  They are careful not to lose them because they are the only ones we own.  Since the brushes cost about $6 per package, I think I’ve saved around $12.  Whoa – that’ll surely make this whole “spending fast” thing worth it, right???

(Do you hear the intended sarcasm??  Go ahead, read it again with the sarcasm….)  Whoa – that’ll surely make this whole “spending fast” thing worth it, right???  BUT a second thought crosses my mind…. I didn’t just save $12.  I saved $62+!!  $12 for brushes and $50 of “needed” junk.  Oh and did I mention…. it taught my children to be happy and thankful for what they do have, to share what they have and to take care of their things….

It taught my children to be thankful for 4 old brushes.  brushes

There are lots of people have have 30 day no-spending challenges or spending fasts, etc.  Google them and maybe they have some good ideas that will inspire you!  Wanna hear the next step in my February project?  My goal is to make $500 extra this month by selling odds and ends using Facebook yard sales and eBay so we can increase our emergency fund……

Stay tuned to see how this project goes…..

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Tammy LanhamTammy Lanham is the wife of That Preacher Tommy Lanham, Momma to That cute little artist, Appolonya and that adorable engineer, Dylan.  She homeschools them both.  In her free time, she….. wait – she has no free time…  nevermind.

Thanks for reading!

How Michael Jackson and Tommy Lanham Ruined My Evening

I love my husband.

He came home as we were preparing to go the ball park tonight and watch my son play a Rookie Ball game.  It’s like t-ball but they hit the ball that is pitched from a pitching machine.  In this case, a round wheel that whirls and spits the ball out.  Gorgeous night for a game.  I came through the house gathering the last of the supplies – ball, hat, glove, batting gloves, cleats, the ball player, you know… the essentials.

As I gather the ball player, I noticed he and his sister are staring intently at a video my husband has pulled up on the laptop.  It’s the Michael Jackson Thriller video.  At the very moment this image popped up……

Michael Jackson

………. my children did this…..

scream scream2

Appolonya ran into the corner screaming “Why??  Why?????  Why would you show us that??”  I went to console her and she lashed out at ME asking “Why would you let Daddy show us that, Mommy?”  Yeah, like it’s MY fault…  In the meantime, Dylan is balled up in the fetal position on the floor squeezing his eyes shut and holding his hands over his ears while he’s screaming at the top of his lungs “Dad, make it STOP!”  Might I add that Dad is still sitting at the laptop trying his best to not bust out laughing.  I’m shooting darts at him in my mind but he doesn’t feel them.


Yep – nice, calm, peaceful night before a ball game.  After the game, dear ol’ Dad had to go counsel a family and left Mommy at home to get the children in bed.  After we got home and got our baths, Dylan wouldn’t get more than 5 feet from me.  He sat in the floor in the bathroom while I helped Appolonya blow dry her hair.  When I tucked her in, he sat at the foot of her bed asking if that man was ever going to come back.  Then I tucked Dylan in.  Oh goodness…..  Poor kid.  He finally decided it would be okay to fall asleep if he slept with every single light in his room on.

Yep  – he’s asleep with every light on.  ‘Cause that’s how we roll when Daddy terrifies his children.

Thanks Tommy – and thank you Michael Jackson for such a peaceful evening.  Tommy – next time, you’re on tucking in duty!




One Beautiful Twenty Dollar Bill

Bet you can’t read THIS to the end…….. you won’t believe it….

             We started out trying to get out of town for the day to take care of some business.  Tommy’s car needed 2 tires put on (it’s been sitting for 4 weeks) so we were going to drop by the tire shop on the way out of town.  BUT because it has been sitting so long, the tires needed air and one of them was completely flat.  So that delayed our start.  We have a little plug in compressor and managed to get the rims off the ground.  Then we found some fix-a-flat in the house and blew up the flat one.

             We drove 5 miles to the closest town and stopped at a gas station to fill up the tires.  Air pump doesn’t work.  Drove down the road to a second gas station – air pump doesn’t work.  Third and last gas station in town – air pump doesn’t work.  So we tried filling the tires up with that little plug in compressor (plugged into the van) only to blow fuse after fuse in the van.  So we gave up and decided to drive the 13 miles to Shelbyville on half inflated tires.

     Cash only        We made it to the shop and dropped off the car.  The mechanic said they could have it done in 30 minutes.  We stopped by Goodwill and leisurely shopped for 30 minutes.  We got back to the shop to find the car jacked up but no new tires.  Apparently my husband’s tires have a lock on them???  He had to give them a special key (I didn’t even know such a thing existed) to unlock the wheels so they could change the tires.  THEN we had to wait another 30 minutes.  Might as well grab some lunch at Taco Bell.  We got back to pick up the car and for the very first time, pull straight into the parking lot (we had parked on the side earlier) only to find a HUGE sign out front “CASH only – NO EXCEPTIONS.”  Okay – no biggie, right?  We’ll just run over to the ATM and get the cash.

             Ummmmm….. I haven’t used an actual ATM for over a decade and I have no idea what my pin is.  So we drove to the other side of Shelbyville to my Fifth Third branch.  I walked in, fill out the withdrawal slip, walk up to the counter only to be told I couldn’t get any money.  What???  The computers were down.  They couldn’t take deposits, make any withdrawals… nothing.  Seriously?  So I asked if I could wait a few minutes (and pray fervently that God would somehow restore the magical powers of the computers so I could get some money and get our car!!!) and they said it had been down for hours.  Hmmmmmmm…….  When I asked if I could cash a check, she said (now listen carefully to see if THIS makes sense to YOU) – I could take the check to another bank and they could cash it for me but that Fifth Third couldn’t cash a check since I had an account there with them.  WahhhHuh?  Feeling completely dumbfounded and frustrated, I asked her to repeat herself 2 more times – I thought I was losing my mind – seriously?  Can’t cash a check at my own bank???  She told me to go to the bank in Wal-Mart.  (Remember, by this time, we were supposed to be heading out of town 3 hours earlier.)

             I got out to the van where my husband and children were patiently waiting.  I told my husband the computers were down and we couldn’t get any money.  He looked at me like I had lost my mind.  I was beginning to feel like I had.  We went through the kids’ savings envelopes I keep in my wallet, dug through our wallets, change bins, looked between seats… and found a whopping fifty two dollars!  But the bill was sixty dollars.  I needed a measly eight bucks.

             I drove to Wal-Mart and walked into the Citizens National Bank.  They were incredibly nice and told me they couldn’t cash a check unless I had an account there or the check was drawn on an account there.  Sure.  Sounds about right at this point.  What now?

      mop       Just an observation:  when you raise your voice and yell “I need to get some money!” in front of a bank teller’s window, people tend to take notice.  As I saw security guards, a loss prevention specialist and a big guy yielding a large mop handle head my way, I quickly lowered my voice and told them our situation and asked if they had any other ideas.  The amazingly sweet girl behind the counter smiled and calmed my would-be attackers.  Then she told me I could get $20 cash back when I make a purchase at Wal-Mart.

            chocolateOkay – so I go buy chocolate.  That’s EXACTLY what I need right now.  Chocolate.  Lots of it.  Then I tried to use my debit card.  I always use it as a credit so I don’t know the debit pin (SHUT UP – I KNOW I should probably know my passwords but I don’t – OKAY???  That’s not the point of this story…….)  So the cashier asked me if I had any actual checks on me.  Well, yes… yes, I did.  She said if I made a minimum purchase, she could use the check for my transaction and I could get $20 back.  I started throwing chocolate on the counter – Reese’s, Reese’s Big Cup, Reese’s White Eggs, 3 Musketeers, oh… and a game of Uno…..  I told her to tell me when I reached my minimum purchase.  She stopped me somewhere before I got to the lighter that looks like a gun, this week’s issue of TV Guide and the doggie finger nail polish….

             She wished me luck and handed me back a receipt, a bag full of chocolate and a beautiful (and I do mean stunningly beautiful), green, crisp, clean, (seriously, it almost glowed) $20 bill.  I wanted to sing the “Hallelujah!” chorus but if you’ve ever heard me sing – you’ll know why I chose not to – I’d hate to scare their customers away.

             I walked out of the line towards the bank up to the front clutching my beautiful $20 bill for dear life.  I see the bank teller who had recommended this solution standing, clapping and cheering for my sweet victory!  “Go get your car girl!”  she shouts to me!$20 bill

             I march, rather proud and determined out of that store, opened the van door and slung the bag of chocolate towards my husband.  He didn’t know if it was a “Duck!  She’s mad, she’s got chocolate, and she may hurt someone!” kind of throw or a “Yeah, baby!  I have money AND I scored some chocolate!” kind of throw.  Either way, the flying 5 pound bag of various chocolates and the game of Uno missed his head by only centimeters.  He may have nightmares.

             So, nearly five hours after we began our trip out of town today, we returned to the shop.  We handed the mechanic $60 cash– consisting of a bunch of folded, crumpled one dollar bills and ONE beautiful $20.  We got in our separate vehicles, and DROVE HOME!   Out of town business will have to wait until another day!

             By the way, the place in Shelbyville is WONDERFUL – just remember, they require CASH only.  Anybody got $52 – I gotta pay back my kids!

Melted Bead Art


I know this isn’t about weight loss (which I am back on the right track, by the way, it’s just slow going getting my momentum back).  Nor is this about couponing and saving money.  But hey, it’s my blog and I can write about whatever I want, right?  So, I came across this neat idea for a creative art project.  Melted beads.  Have you ever heard about it?  Well, here’s my first attempt.  I’m pretty proud of myself – especially considering at the current moment, it’s 3:00 a.m. and my brain is still functioning.



First, you take a bunch of cheap pony beads – we already had a whole Ziploc container full in our cabinet.  Just a note:  the metallic and solid colored ones don’t work.  Don’t ask how I found out.   Anyway, you take these beads and lay them out in a glass or metal container.  I used glass tonight.  Make sure you lay them out in one single layer with the sides touching.  You can also use small bread pans, mugs or cake / pie pans.

Then stick them in your oven for 20 minutes at 400 degrees.  This is what comes out:






So for all of you who have always wondered what this night owl does all night, here’s your answer!  🙂  Hey, my house is quiet – I get creative when it’s quiet!


Stupid Burger…

I met my goal for last week’s weigh in!  I weighed in at 164.4 – exactly 40 pounds lost since this journey began 22 weeks ago on January 18, 2011.  I feel like that’s a pretty significant accomplishment.  My struggle now is to not let that number satisfy me.  I’m still in size 14’s (although they are becoming more lose every day) and have quite a bit of extra padding  around my middle I want to see gone.  I have 14.4 pounds to go until I get to my first goal weight of 150.  Then we’ll see how I feel and where my body wants to go from there.

For some reason, I have been craving burgers.  Not just any burger, I want the really, really bad for you one:  McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger.  I’ve craved it for about 2 months now but was able to curb that desire with my own homemade healthier version.  This week, I had a Boca burger (fantastic, by the way) with Veggie Swiss Cheese, Morning Star Farms Veggie Bacon on a whole wheat bun w/ lots of veggies.  Tasted fantastic but I woke up the next morning having dreamed about that Micky D’s Cheeseburger.  Pretty bad when you’re DREAMING about food, right??  I have been eating lots more junk the past week and in my mind, I thought it might be because I wanted this burger so bad.  I decided it would be better to go just ahead and eat that stupid burger before my entire waistline pays for the deprivation I’m putting my body through.  🙂

So Saturday was the day.  I went to a homeschooling convention and my husband and children stayed home (a rare day out by myself).  After the convention, I drove to the first McDonald’s I could see.  Those golden arches might as well have been the gateway into heaven as far as I was concerned.  My mouth began watering at the sight.  I pulled in the parking lot, took a deep breath, picked up my Tosca Reno Clean Eating for Family & Kids book (Is there no end to my hypocrisy?) and headed to that oasis of grease and cheese on a bun…..

When I walked in the door, there were over a dozen people in line (one register open) but I didn’t care.  My children weren’t waiting restlessly in line, nobody was hurrying me to get to the next event on our schedule, so I just stood there.  And waited.  And waited.  While I was waiting, and waiting…. (and waiting)… I started noticing the things around me I don’t typically notice.  Out of the 12 people in line, 3 seemed to be a healthy weight.  The other 9 were overweight or even obese.  The workers behind the counter seemed to hate what they were doing and drudged about watching the sea of frustrated sharks waiting for their grease on a bun with eager anticipation…. to get out of there.   Then I noticed the signs advertising their food.  One board advertised a breakfast menu “Each under 300 calories” and right underneath, a sign advertising their Rolo McFlurry along with the loaded with sugar smoothies.  The images were of healthy, well dressed people enjoying this nasty processed stuff they call food.  They really know how to make that stuff look appealing.  No wonder our culture has such a backwards view of food.

By the time I waited over 20 minutes in this environment for that burger I’ve been craving for 2 months, that burger looked a lot less appealing.  I paid my $1.06 and headed out the door (I got it to go).  I get to my van, turn on the A/C, take a deep breath as I thank God for this “food” – I didn’t dare ask him to bless my body with nourishment from this thing – and opened up that beautiful golden wrapper.

…………………………TO FIND THE WRONG ORDER!……………………   they gave me a single.  😦

I have not been waiting for 2 months to enjoy this “treat” to get jipped into enjoying only 1/2!  So you know what I did??  That’s right, honey, I went back.  Only this time, I didn’t enter that sea of sharks (there were at least 14-16 more people in there now), I decided to go to the drive through.  When I got the window, well….. (shaking my head)…. this is so sad….  here’s the conversation:

MCD – “May I take your order?”

Me –   “I just came in and ordered a plain double cheese burger.  When I got to my car, I opened it and it was a single.”

MCD – “So, do you want to bring it back inside?”

Me – “No, I just came from in there and saw the crowds so I drove to the window.”

MCD – “You got what you want, right?  You ordered  a single and got a double?”

Me – “Eh?  No, I ordered a double and got a single.”

MCD – “So you want to come inside and get the right order?”

Me – (wondering if this was a special needs worker) “Ummmm, no, I want to get it fixed through the drive through.”

MCD – “So what were you trying to order?”

Me – (Are you kidding me??) “I ordered a plain double cheeseburger and got a single.”

MCD – “How many burgers did you get?”

Me –  “One.”

MCD – “So you got what you ordered?”

Me – (really trying to remember to be kind) “No, I ordered  a plain double cheeseburger and got a single.”

MCD – “So what do you want me to do about it?
Me – “Fix the order and give me a double cheese burger?”

MCD – “How many pieces of cheese do you want on it?”

Me – “I don’t care, whatever usually comes on a plain double cheeseburger.”

MCD – “How many burgers do you want on the bun?

Me – “What??  I want 2 burgers with cheese on 1 bun… the stuff that usually comes on a plain double cheeseburger.”

MCD – “Okay, ma’m, please drive around.”

When I drove around, she told me my total was $4.  When I told her I was the one with the messed up order, she looked at me very confused and asked me why I came through the drive through and didn’t go inside the store.  ****GRRRRRRR****  I seriously am not a violent person but THIS is what was going through my head:

Needless to say, by the time I got my plain double cheeseburger 33 minutes after I walked in the door, I was frustrated and ready to just eat the thing.  I tried taking a deep breath and enjoying it.  It was not hot, it only had one piece of cheese on it and the bun was stale.  ugh….

Stupid burger…..

It must be aliens….

Wow, I honestly cannot believe I’m doing this.  I have been that “fat girl” all my life.  I was the last one picked to play sports in my PE class and I never played any team sports.  And all of a sudden I have a deisre to participate in a 5K on July 16th at the Bluegrass State Games!  Isn’t that crazy?  Last week as I was training to walk in that 5K, I had a desire to pick up some speed and jog a little.  It HAD to be aliens taking over my body because I literally despise running.

As most of you know, I’m a photographer and I photographed Louisville Bible College’s senior banquet and graduation this weekend.  On Friday night at the banquet, they had a fantastic seafood buffet and finished it up with a piece of chocolate meringue pie.  I had been “saving” my caloires all day so I could enjoy this meal guilt free and it was fabulous.  When I got to that pie, my mouth was watering.  It was actually frozen so I defrosted each bite in my mouth letting it slowly melt and savoring each morsel.  I have no idea what any of the speakers were saying or what was going on in that room because I was completely enjoying that piece of pie.  Now, here’s where the alien thing must have happened…. the next thing I know, I’m full and I push the last 2-3 bites of that fabulous frozen chocolate pie away from me!!  It’s chocolate pie for goodness sake!!  What in the world came over me???  Had to be aliens, just had to be….. have YOU ever seen any fat aliens??

Here are a few more instances that I am sure proves aliens are taking over my body:

I got up off the floor without getting on all fours and pushing myself up inches at a time…

I wore a pair of size 16’s and they’re about to fall off of me (I started in size 20/22)….

I went to the grocery store and bought healthy stuff…

I mowed our yard last week (hubby’s back is hurting) in 90 degree heat and I didn’t die…

I did a yoga session and could actually do most of the poses…

I played soccer with my children in the yard and actually ran faster than they did…

I ate asparagus and liked it….

I ate Doritos (my favorites) and they made me sick to my stomach…

See?  How else could you explain all this craziness???  Has to be aliens…. has to be…

I weighed in at 173.0 this week, down 1.0 from last week and a total of 31.4 pounds lost since I began this journey January 18, 2011.  Come on, join me in this journey and see if the aliens will take over your body, too!  😉  Click “Yep, I’m in!  Sign me up!” in the upper right hand side of this blog to begin the transformation!  Start watching for the space ships….  hehe…..

Dumpster Diving for Coupons

Yep, I told you I was crazy!!  🙂  But I’m not the only one!

Do you realize that my jumping into dumpsters has saved my family $260 this week – that’s the equivalent of some folks’ paycheck – AND I didn’t spend 40 hours doing it!  🙂  AND next week’s grocery money is going to our emergency fund…  Go ahead & talk about me, I don’t mind.

Some of the most frequently asked questions:

1.  Where do you get all your coupons?

You can search online (my favorite site is, Sunday paper inserts or even search a few dumpsters.  I recommend the ones at the recycling center – they’re extremely clean.  Google “drop off recycling centers” in your area.  It’s legal to go through the dumpsters but I always take a second and tell the people there (some are unstaffed so I don’t worry about it) what I’m doing.  They look at me funny.  I don’t mind.  In today’s adventure, the guys actually started sorting the papers for us & pulling out the inserts!

2.  How do you organize them all?

There’s lots of ways but I use a 3-ring binder and the clear baseball card organizing sheets.  I divide all the sheets into sections (categories) and then fill them w/ my coupons.  I spend about 30 min. a week throwing out the old expired ones and putting in the new ones.

3.  Is it worth it?

Again, I have purchased an enormous amount of food this week for about what I would spend on our regular groceries.  I’ve got tons left over.  Think about how that could benefit somebody in your community or at your church.  Local food banks will be so glad I dove into those dumpsters!  I shop from my stockpile before I go to the grocery store and my grocery bill has shrunk tremendously.

Add any comments you would like and ask any questions you might have.  I’ll post when I find great deals so if you want email notifications when I post, just click “Yep, sign me up” on the upper right hand side of this page.  You’ll also get news udpates regarding my weight loss journey.  It’s been mentioned to me several times about teaching a workshop on this stuff here in New Castle, Kentucky.  If you are interested in something like that, let me know!


It was legal… I promise…

So here goes… I know a lot of you think I’m a little nuts.  Well, here’s proof that I’m a LOT nuts.  I’ve been learning more & more about how the couponing thing can really help your budget and the more serious you get about it, the more you can save.  I went last week and saved a LOT of money, walked out with an overflowing cart for $5.79.  This got me to wondering & researching and in my research, I came across The Krazy Coupon Lady’s website.  She’s been on TLC’s Extreme Couponing.  You think I’m crazy?  Check her out!

Anyway, I’ve been getting most of my coupons online, from friends or sometimes, out of the Sunday Newspaper.  When you combine your coupons with advertised sales, you can get things at a very, very low price.  The Ronzoni pasta is on sale at Kroger this week for .49 and I had several coupons for $1 off of 2 boxes (making them FREE) and ended up with almost 30 boxes of free pasta!  Coupons are all online for this one!  Anyway, I decided to start my search for more coupons.  The Sunday paper is expensive, here.  Almost $2 per week and one lady I found on youtube spends $50 a month buying multiple copies of the Sunday paper to get her coupons.  Well…..  you know I hate to spend money on stuff like that so………  here goes……  (I hope you don’t think bad of me)… I went dumpster diving for coupons!  I found a recycling drop off location near our home, took a step stool and gloves and dove in. 

Told you, I’m a little nuts.  Yes, it is legal – for those of you wondering!  As long as I don’t trespass on private property to get the trash, it’s public domain.  The recycling bin I went to was amazingly clean – nothing but paper products in it and no smells whatsoever.  When I opened up the door, the first thing I saw was a stack of coupon inserts from Sunday’s paper!  Now, THAT was motivation!  I climbed my little step stool and started digging.  I ended up getting 47 Sunday paper inserts (red plum and smart source) – that’s roughly the equivalent to 25 Sunday paper’s worth of coupons!  I found half a dozen of the Kroger coupon booklets of coupons they mail out and even found one JC penney $10 off a $10 purchase!!  Why in the world would somebody throw this money away!!

I asked my husband to take some pics or video and he said “No way, I want to look, too!”  I don’t know when I’ve ever found my husband more appealing to me!!  🙂  At that moment, I could kiss his feet!  I’m thinking most husbands wouldn’t even go and if they did, they would be hiding in the car or ducking to make sure no one saw them… not mine! 

So there it is – my crazy, outrageous act for the week!  Subscribe to this blog (to the right in the “Yep, sign me up!” box) and hear more crazy antics and follow my weight loss journey as well.  Have a fantastic week and try doing something outside of YOUR comfort zone this week!