Here I Go Again…. Need your support

Changing my lifestyle…. I’ve not been taking care of myself, especially the past year. I’m going to get back to my goal weight. I’m going to feel good again and have energy. I will do this.

Now, I’ve made it public. I’ve got to do it now, right? I blogged as I did it 4 years ago and shared my actual weight and everything. Lost 50 pounds!  The accountability seemed to work. Working with a life coach made a big difference too.  I’m now 16 pounds heavier than I was in the “before” picture below.  ugh…….

Tammy at 30 pounds downlowres2

I’ve already learned I can’t do this alone.  I’m working with my amazing husband as my life coach and I’m volunteering at the local gym in exchange for a family membership.  I’ve worked out 4x this week alternating between cardio and swimming in the pool.  I’m working on cutting down portion size but I’m not planning on cutting out any foods completely – just cutting down.  (So Randy, I can still have chess bars!!)  I’ve also revived my online account.  If you have an account, search for me – my username is TammyLanham.

If you’re doing this with me, please, please stay in touch and let’s keep each other accountable.  I need it.  Thanks for signing up for my blog posts!

Next week, I’ll show you the updated beginning number – which is much higher than this original beginning one…. 😦


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