A Rant: “The Point”

I hit 3 milestones this week!

1.  I am no longer in the obese category!!
2.  I weigh less today than I did on my wedding day 11 years ago.
3.  I’ve broken the 30 pounds lost mark – I’ve officially lost 30.2 pounds in just under 4 months!

This feels soooooo good!!!

Oh, I almost forgot…. I’m now officially OVER 1/2 way to my goal!!!  Official Weigh in:  174.2  🙂

WARNING:  Now I will rant:

When people see me and notice my weight loss (by the way, it took me losing 21 pounds before anyone ever said a word), they ask “So, what program are you using?” or “How are you doing it?”  When I tell them I’m exercising and making better food choices, they look at me like I fell from the moon or have corn stalks growing out of my ears!  Is that so hard to believe?  Huge news flash people:  there is no miracle diet, no quick trick, no magical pill to take…  it takes hard work, eating right and exercising.  I’m so sorry if I’ve upset you but it’s the truth.  😉

For me, my personal experience, I had to come to THE POINT…  the point where I was sick and tired and decided I must do something about losing weight.  Notice, I didn’t say I decided I needed to do something about it, I decided it was a MUST.  I was fed up and entirely disgusted at how I was treating my body and I was ready to commit to doing whatever it took to get rid of it.  If you don’t get to that point, you’ll never do it.  Yes, a lot of us feel  like we really should do something to lose a few pounds or we need to start eating right but until you get to that utterly fed up “point” – it’s not happening.  I have a friend who says she needs to lose weight but she hasn’t come to that “point” yet so she’s not even going to start because she knows she’ll get frustrated and give up.  She says she’ll do it when she reaches that point.  I have to respect that.

So where are you?  Are you to that point, yet?  I’m not saying I’m perfect in this by any means.  Every single day is a learning journey and it is frustrating.  I have several friends who are losing weight in a healthy way and are dropping the pounds twice as fast as I am.  I cheer for them but inside, I’m thinking… I’ve been doing this as long as they have and I’ve only lost 30 pounds…  Then I have to kick myself in the pants and realize, I’ve lost 30 pounds!  That’s a huge accomplishment for me, something I have never been able to do.  I have stuck with this lifestyle change (not a diet) and have settled into it as a way of life.  I’m educating myself.  I’m not going back.  I have 24 more pounds to lose so I’m nowhere near done.  God has given me strength and surrounds me daily with people who encourage me and hold me accountable and I have no doubts that those 24 pounds will come off.  God is good….

…end of rant…

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6 thoughts on “A Rant: “The Point”

  1. {{{ big hugg }}} what most fail to realize is that we must recommit to the NEED every day. When we reach our goal that doesn’t mean the work is over. I’m so proud of you and your dedication to YOU.


  2. Tammy – you are doing such a great job promoting a healthier lifestyle for your fellow Kentuckians. Your story is inspiring and helping people, many who are not yet acknowledging it. One thing for everyone to keep in mind about a lot of men, as far as I can tell anyway.

    We are reluctant to mention anything AT ALL about a women’s weight, even regarding what seems to be an obvious weight loss, unless the women mentions it first. It is just a topic that many of us feel is not open for commenting on. Once the women has brought it up, we are still hesitant to say much. I wonder why that is? Keep it up. Or down!


  3. I agree 100% with AJ! And, the scary part? Maintaining is harder than losing. But? You’re up for the challenge!

    I’ve still got my 13-15 lbs to go and everyone is like ‘well, you don’t really need to lose anymore’. That’s NOT the point. That is *my* goal. That is where *I* want to be. I will get there. I will. I’m at this plateau myself. But I’ll get there. I know it. I have to figure out what my body needs me to do to get past the plateau.

    Either way, you are right, YOU have to reach THAT POINT where you can’t see any other options. THAT POINT is different for everyone. And the fact that your friend acknowledges that and that you respect her for it says that you both understand what it truly takes to make a lifestyle change.

    Keep it up!


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