Empty Gas Tank

This has been a good week!  I’m still working out on my eliptical 20 minutes every day (except Sundays) and I’m using myfitnesspal.com (it’s FREE) to track my calories and exercise.  I’m making good food choices and incorporated some new flavors into my eating habits (recently discovered asparagus – oh my goodness – how good that stuff is!).  I have lost 24 pounds in 12 weeks!  I’ve lost 3.2 pounds just this week.

One of the things I’m noticing is that I’m focusing a LOT on my exercise routine, my health habits and eating habits.  When I first started working with Brian Osher, my life coach, a couple of years ago, he shared with me his idea that life is a bunch of gas tanks.  We work hard to keep those gas tanks from running empty (by keeping balanced) but sometimes we get low in one of the tanks and our lives start running rough.  I’ve been working very hard to keep my health tank full and the rewards are visible and fulfilling.  I also think I’ve been neglecting some other tanks of mine and they’re getting low.  One tank I’m worried about is my relationship with my children tank.   When I mentioned this to Brian, he said, “So change it!”  Don’t you just love the honesty of my life coach???  🙂

By nature, I cannot sit still.  I HAVE to have lots going on and a big to-do list where everything is scheduled.  I schedule school with my children every day (they’re homeschooled) but I have a hard time remembering to schedule Mommy time with my children.  So this week, in addition to keeping my eyes on my health tank, I’m working on refilling my kid tank.  I’m actually scheduling time in my calendar to sit down and play with my children.  I now know it won’t happen unless I make it a priority and schedule it.

So that’s it for this week – what tanks are you neglecting?  What can you do right now to start refilling that particular tank?  See you again next week….


2 thoughts on “Empty Gas Tank

  1. Hey! Not sure why, but I don’t get this in my email when you update. That’s why I’m running behind on my comments.

    Take those beautiful kiddos out with you and PLAY with them! That’ll be two goals/two tanks at one time! And? You’ll be teaching them about health and fitness and making them CRAVE activity!

    Parents are SO influential in their children’s lives, most people don’t even realize it! From EVERY choice they see you make (good or bad) to the way you do things, so get out there and toss the ball around with D! Work on cartwheels with A! Throw the frisbee around. Pile them in a wagon and pull them along (if they’re not up for walking) during your evening stroll! Stop. Smell the flowers! A mile is a mile no matter how long it takes you to walk it! They’ll enjoy it and remember it! They’ll remember when they’re older that mom MADE time for them AND achieved her goals! Give them their own camera and take a walk through the park and let them take pics of THEIR fave things!

    You can SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO do this! ❤ you girlie!


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