“Mom, you’re shrinking!”

It’s been a challenging week on several levels.  I am really getting tired of my exercise routine and it’s becoming more difficult to find the energy and desire to get up and do it.  I have worked out every single day on my eliptical (with maybe 3-4 exceptions – those days, I did a yoga session) since January 18th.  I’m so glad it’s beginning to get warm outside so I can walk in the local park or just go outside and play with my kids.  I prefer doing my workout in the mornings before the kids get up, then I get my shower and devotions in while it is still quiet.  This is really tough because I am not a morning person (ask my husband, he’ll tell you!)  As most of you who read this regularly know, I work with a life coach.  My session with Brian Osher this week helped me to see where I need to get up earlier to avoid the stresses of rushing through my workout/shower/devotion time.  So, I have been doing just that.  I’ve been in bed by midnight (on weeknights) and up by 7:30 (8:00 this morning).  I’m typically a night owl and up until around 2 a.m. but then we sleep until 8:30 or 9:00, even 9:30 some days.  I can tell you, this has been a transition for me but I think it’s worth the “pain” of getting up earlier.  I feel much better during the day and I’m not as stressed (I eat when I’m stressed).

So, now for the weigh-in…This week, I weighed in at 184.4!  I’m .2 away from having lost 20 pounds!!  I’m down 2.4 since last week.  This is the most weight I have ever lost and I feel terrific!  I no longer reward or comfort myself with food, I see it as fuel, that’s it.  Yummy fuel, yes… but fuel.  As we were doing the Bible lesson with our kids before bed the other night, my son looked at me and said “Mom!  You’re shrinking!”  Oh, what joy that child gave me!  I know you’re not supposed to have a favorite kid but at that instant….   hmmmmmm…….  (JUST KIDDING!!)

I am seeing a difference.  My size 20’s are in a stack to put in a yard sale.  In fact, I wore a size 16 pant to church on Sunday!!  I’m never going back (and if I do, I will be completely miserable squeezing into smaller sizes because I refuse to buy larger ones).  You’ll know if I gain because I’ll be walking around with big splits in pants that are too small!!  This is not a diet – I’m not changing the food or denying myself anything.  www.myfitnesspal.com has been a blessing – it allows me to track my food and exercise each day and tells me what my boundaries should be (how many calories, sugar, fat, etc. I should have).  It’s completely free… I urge you to check it out.

So, that’s my week.  How was yours?  Follow this blog or share it with friends… Click the “Yep, I’m in, Sign me up!” button on the righthand side of this page and enter your email.  You’ll get a notice everytime I write something here.  Be aware, you’ll also get updates when I find good deals (I just happen to dabble a little in coupons!)


2 thoughts on ““Mom, you’re shrinking!”

  1. You’re doing SO good! Definitely look into any alternate ways to get some exercise in. And remember, exercise can be FUN!

    Set the tball thing up and let D hit the ball. YOU run and go get it. Pull the kids in the wagon through a botanical garden or zoo. Park FAR away from the store (or wherever you’ve got to go). CLEANING is exercise! MOP the floors! That is GREAT exercise (think of all the ways you twist your body when you’re mopping)!!! Got an attic/closet you’ve been putting off? Jump in and get it straight! Work in the yard! You’re dabbling in canning, so plant your own small garden! Working the soil will DEFINITELY work you out! Play that disc golf stuff with Tommy. Take the dog for a walk. Try to train him/her to do some neat trick with the frisbee so you’re BOTH running around outside. Set up some ‘goals’ (maybe a set of buckets or something) and kick the soccer ball around the yard with the kids – a particular fave with my boys. Play badmitton or volleyball or tennis with them. You’ll be running ALL over! Wash the windows on the house! That is EXCELLANT exercise for me (our house is 40 years old, it involves a ladder and many trips up/down and in/out to wash the 13 windows in our house – did I mention I’m also a neat freak?!). These are all things I’ve done.

    When the weather is consistent, put a helmet on A & D and let them ride their bikes on the sidewalk (if they’ll listen and stay on the sidewalk – Z does really well with this, E not so much)or put whoever doesn’t want to ride in the stroller. OR, put BOTH of them in a wagon (if they’ll get along – always an issue with my boys) and PULL them on a walk! Imagine the exercise you’ll get! Give them some water bottles and maybe a healthy snack to keep them busy or play ‘I spy’ to occupy them.

    I know these sound silly, but you don’t have to give up time with them to exercise. HOWEVER, if you want some time alone, you’re entitled to that too. Make your exercise fit YOUR lifestyle! And exercise comes in all sorts of forms! Think outside the box! If you’re moving, you’re exercising!

    Next time there’s a game or show on tv you want to watch, do squats during the commercial breaks (beware, I did this during an hour long show and could BARELY walk the next day – hahaha). Get your yoga mat and do leg lifts/crunches during commercials. Just ideas. Just throwing them out there as choices you have.

    OH! And we have bike trials around here. I went on craigslist and found a buggy that you pull behind your bike (scan through my weekend activities pics on FB and you’ll see what I’m talking about) and another attachment to the bike that makes a tandem bike (two person bike) out of a regular bike for when the children get tired of peddaling (haven’t used it yet, just got it). The buggy is for E and the attachment is for Z. There are all sorts of bike trails (all free) around here. Check it out around you guys. I put a picnic lunch and some blankets/towels in the buggy with E (he’s even fallen asleep riding – he LOVES his buggy) and we’ll ride until we’re hungry, get out and eat, and then ride back. It’s AWESOME! The boys LOVE it (except for when Z gets tired of peddaling – which is why I bought the attachment).

    Another option *MAY* be mall walking. Or whatever building in the area is free to use. You said your church has a gym? USE it! Figure out something for you and the kids to do. If you can, walk up and down the bleachers!!! That is GREAT exercise! Or go to the local high school and see if you can walk the track. The kids can too, usually!

    Seriously, check into some of these things if you think it would help you stay focused and if the family would enjoy it! You’re doing GREAT, keep it up! ❤


  2. Tammy,

    I’m so proud of you. Keep up the good work. I know it must be discouraging sometimes, but it pays off. I’ve gotten into the habit of sleeping later too, and I need to get back into the early routine. Thanks for reminding me it is better to get up and get going. Fran


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