My life coach called me a slacker!

Can you believe it??  Brian Osher, my life coach, called me a slacker last night!!  I am working out every day, keeping track of my nutrition and he called me a slacker?  That’s right!  You know why?  Because I didn’t hit one of my goals this week.   Let me explain.  I eat when I’m stressed.   I had decided I needed to start getting up earlier to remove the stress of trying to get everything done in the day.  I’m a night owl and enjoy staying up to around two in the morning.  That also means I sleep in, usually until around 8:00 or 8:30 in the morning.  Then the kids don’t get up and started in school until around 10 a.m. which puts us doing school well into the mid to late afternoon.  I feel like I’m rushing all day long and it makes me want to eat.  So, to avoid this stress (and food trigger), my life coach and I decided I would try to go to bed a little earlier each night and rise a little earlier each morning.  I tried it one day and was exhausted the next so I didn’t try anymore.  Thus, my butt-kicker life coach called me a slacker!  It was in good fun of course, he certainly wasn’t trying to demoralize or demean me.  We then spent the rest of my coaching call last night on weighing the benefits vs. the pain of becoming a morning person and laying out a specific plan for this week.  I will be getting up each morning at 7:30, going to bed each evening by midnight and taking a 30 minute nap in the afternoons while the children are doing their reading work.  That’s my goal and I’m up at 7:38 this morning to prove that I can do whatever I set my mind to.  (But please don’t call, talk or even look at me until I’ve worked out… I’m not in a good mood in the mornings!)  😉  See the importance of finding a good life coach that you can build a great relationship with?

I’m learning a lot this week!  God is in control, I’m not – a great support team is priceless and is an amazing tool!  If you are a part of the world, connect with me on there!  My user name is TammyLanham (no space).  It tracks your calories, fat grams, potassium, sodium, vitamins, sugar, fiber… EVERYTHING you can imagine.  They’ve got a databse where you type in the foods you eat (they’ve already got most foods programmed) and log it into your diary.  You can even type in your recipe ingredients and it tells you the nutrition information of that recipe!  Then you can keep track with how much you’re eating & how many calories you’ve consumed.  It helps you set the goal of what you want to be taking in based on how much weight you want to lose.  It’s a fantastic tool and I’ve been on that site every day this week.  The best part…. it’s FREE!!  (You know I don’t pay for stuff unless I have no choice!)  🙂  And if you find me on there, you can read every bite I eat and every exercise I do in a day!  I’ve struggled with keeping a food diary.  I talked to my life coach about it for several weeks and nothing I did helped me stick to it.  THIS website has been an answer to prayer!!  I now look forward to logging what I’ve eaten & watching the progress.  It even tells you what you will weigh in 5 weeks if you keep eating like you did today….  good motivation!  And it kind of acts like a forum, too – you make friends and post stuff in the forums.  Lots of people welcome you and offer amazing support.  Very educational tool.  I hope will you check it out.

I’ve continued with eating differently this week but relaxed a little as I’m adjusting to a new schedule and a new way of keeping up with my progress (  I weighed in this week at 186.8.  I lost another 1.4 pounds, bringing my total to 17.4 pounds lost this year and 36.8 more to go.  I got an offer to do a “Value Tour” through Whole Foods where they show you ways to save money while shoping there.  I plan on doing that very soon.  Read back to yesterday’s r post to read about my dumpster diving adventures!  🙂  It’s been a busy week!

So here’s your challenge this week:  find out what food triggers you have… do you eat because you’re bored, stressed, tired, sad, depressed?… and find a way to avoid food at those times and fill that void with something else you enjoy doing.  I’ve found that walking up and down my block helps me to get out, get some fresh air and removes me from the temptation of digging in the cabinets for snacks.  Hope you’ve found this helpful!  Join the blog by typing your email and clicking the “Yep! I’m in.  Sign me up!” button on the upper right hand side of this page.  I won’t send you spam stuff, they just send notifications when I’ve posted new info so you’ll know to come check it out.  Have a blessed week, folks!


3 thoughts on “My life coach called me a slacker!

  1. Hey Tammy, wait just a minute… In my defense, you are a slacker!!!!! Ha!

    Seriously though, you are the kind of client that makes my job too darn easy. I mean really, you set a goal, make a commitment, take action, and make progress! Time after time after time after…. It’s people like you that are going to put me out of business! 🙂 So, you better believe that if I find an opportunity to kick you in the butt to help you move forward, I’m going to do it. That’s my job!

    Keep up the great work Tammy – you’re doing so awesome. And, we’re just scratching the surface. I can’t wait to see which mountain you’re going to climb next.


    To your readers: Do you need a good kick in the butt once in a while to get you moving in the right direction? I can help! Feel free to email me directly and setup a FREE coaching session with me – any time!


    1. Brian – that’s what makes you a great life coach. You make it easy to reach my goals – okay not EASY but you do make it easier than me trying to reach my goals on my own. I’ve tried everything under the sun for years and years to lose weight and have NEVER seen results like this! I truly believe that having a life coach is what has made the difference. Thank you for cheering me on and kicking my butt! 🙂 I hope folks do contact you for the free session you’re offering. If they would just get a taste of what they are capable of doing when working with you, they’ll be amazed!


  2. Tammy you are doing great! I hate waking up early too. But I do feel better when I drag my self out of bed and get the day started. Keep it up girl!


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