It was legal… I promise…

So here goes… I know a lot of you think I’m a little nuts.  Well, here’s proof that I’m a LOT nuts.  I’ve been learning more & more about how the couponing thing can really help your budget and the more serious you get about it, the more you can save.  I went last week and saved a LOT of money, walked out with an overflowing cart for $5.79.  This got me to wondering & researching and in my research, I came across The Krazy Coupon Lady’s website.  She’s been on TLC’s Extreme Couponing.  You think I’m crazy?  Check her out!

Anyway, I’ve been getting most of my coupons online, from friends or sometimes, out of the Sunday Newspaper.  When you combine your coupons with advertised sales, you can get things at a very, very low price.  The Ronzoni pasta is on sale at Kroger this week for .49 and I had several coupons for $1 off of 2 boxes (making them FREE) and ended up with almost 30 boxes of free pasta!  Coupons are all online for this one!  Anyway, I decided to start my search for more coupons.  The Sunday paper is expensive, here.  Almost $2 per week and one lady I found on youtube spends $50 a month buying multiple copies of the Sunday paper to get her coupons.  Well…..  you know I hate to spend money on stuff like that so………  here goes……  (I hope you don’t think bad of me)… I went dumpster diving for coupons!  I found a recycling drop off location near our home, took a step stool and gloves and dove in. 

Told you, I’m a little nuts.  Yes, it is legal – for those of you wondering!  As long as I don’t trespass on private property to get the trash, it’s public domain.  The recycling bin I went to was amazingly clean – nothing but paper products in it and no smells whatsoever.  When I opened up the door, the first thing I saw was a stack of coupon inserts from Sunday’s paper!  Now, THAT was motivation!  I climbed my little step stool and started digging.  I ended up getting 47 Sunday paper inserts (red plum and smart source) – that’s roughly the equivalent to 25 Sunday paper’s worth of coupons!  I found half a dozen of the Kroger coupon booklets of coupons they mail out and even found one JC penney $10 off a $10 purchase!!  Why in the world would somebody throw this money away!!

I asked my husband to take some pics or video and he said “No way, I want to look, too!”  I don’t know when I’ve ever found my husband more appealing to me!!  🙂  At that moment, I could kiss his feet!  I’m thinking most husbands wouldn’t even go and if they did, they would be hiding in the car or ducking to make sure no one saw them… not mine! 

So there it is – my crazy, outrageous act for the week!  Subscribe to this blog (to the right in the “Yep, sign me up!” box) and hear more crazy antics and follow my weight loss journey as well.  Have a fantastic week and try doing something outside of YOUR comfort zone this week!


10 thoughts on “It was legal… I promise…

  1. I have been surfing the web and find loads of coupons too! My savings weren’t as extreme as yours, but I did save $50!! I did notice though at Kroger’s to get the $.49 you had to buy 10 at a time to get that price, not just 10 of anything that was marked ‘participating item’. But you do save$5 if you buy 10 of the participating items. So, let me get this right, you bought 10 of everything to get the special $.49 price, or what ever that price might have been? Then you had coupons for the items, correct? And after all the hours of surfing (when i say hours I mean probably 10 or more in 3 differnt sessions) for coupons I really have only found 2 or 3 sites that have coupons to clip, at that they are almost the exact same coupons or you have to pay for the coupons or you have to go to multiple stores. The best luck I have found is to look at my list then go to that site to see if they had any special offers or coupons. Could you please share with me the sites you have found?


    1. Absolutely! My favorite is – tells you what’s on sale for the week & where to find coupons for the items on sale. Fantastic resource! Yes, you have to buy the 10 participating items to get the $5 off but I used 3 of the Ronzoni coupons for 6 boxes of free pasta & then I had great coupons for the other 4 participating items (Suave shampoo ended up being .32 each, Nestle 24 pack of water was $1.79 – all after coupons and the sale of course). and are good sites as well. Thanks for asking! We need to get together and go shopping in LaGrange, Shannon! I’m planning for a trip tomorrow if you want to go!


  2. I must have watched the same Extreme Couponing show that you did. I have been tracking our budget for about 3 months now and was totally horrified that we spent around 600 a month on food and personal care items. So when I saw the man from KY walk in and spend 265.00 on 5570+.00 of food, I decided it was time I checked out this couponing thing myself. I mean, what do I have to loose? So far, I have stocked up on quite a few things, like her tip on the pasta. I also have gotten 12 bottles of purex for less than 4.00 for all of them last week. Sunday I went to rite aids and collected 24+ bottles of natural instinct hair dyes for free. Last night I came home with 10 air wick freshmatics that walgreens actually paid me 5.00 to take our of their store. So all in all, this experience so far has just thrilled me. I get to stock up and help others. So I’ll let you know if I find any good deals thats not on the KrazyLady website. But for now, I must go dumpster dive. LOL.


  3. Thank you for posting this!!! Went this morning with my dh and we rounded up 79 inserts and some ‘loose’ coupons. Had some lunch and now dh and dd are off to more centers.
    This is WAYY to much fun!! Oh!!! We picked up one of those grabby things and some awesome rubber gloves that made sorting sooooo much easier!!! Hands felt a little weird afterwards (due to the powder inside the gloves) but at least they were clean. 🙂
    Can’t wait to do this again on Saturday!!! C U then!!!


  4. One of the things I miss most about when we lived in VA was the local recycling place. I have done the same thing!!! I used to look in there and think, “why are people just throwing money away like that?!”. You’re not alone–I love dumpster diving! 🙂


  5. My aunt was into coupons and refunding big time when I was growing up. She was the type to safe packaging and receipts from everything so she’d have what she needed if they had a refund at anytime. My mom dabbled in it a little too but she was mostly into the coupons. A family of 5 in the 70’s required frugal living! When I got out on my own I used coupons too and even got into the refunding aspect when I was pregnant with my kids. My pregnancies were all high risk so what else was I going to do with my time on forced “bed rest” 😀

    I don’t do it as often as I used to but mostly because I’ve lost my sources (I don’t buy newspapers) and most of what’s on sale is brand name. I did learn early on that being brand loyal will cost you in the end. Most off brand products are actually made by the same companies and just marketed differently so they can lower the price. Some items can even be “2nds” as such and not meet the brand name quality checks but are still edible foods.

    I will definitely check out that site and see how I can sync up my circulars with available coupons. I even created a price book at various times (this is time consuming but also very helpful especially if you have mfg coupons) so that at a glance I could tell if something “on sale” was really a bargain or not. I only wish I still lived in NJ because a good once a year or so ShopRite has their Can-Can sale where all canned goods are crazy cheap. My mom buys stuff like she was still feeding a family of 5 and it’s just her and dad now. I never leave empty handed though! (God bless her little shopping heart too!)

    My first husband and I often did the dumpster diving thing and we went into actual dumpsters to do it. Made some killer scores too but it does take some finesse and know how to not get hurt or sick.

    Be careful, have fun and share the wealth (of knowledge of course, I’d never ask you for your money) 😀


    1. You can ask at the individual stores or you can look it up online. Most stores have your coupon policy available on their websites. I know here, Meijer & Kroger double all the time.


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