A New Decade of Pounds

My official weigh in this week is 188.4!  I’m out of the 190’s and in a new decade!  That’s -2.6 pounds for the week and -15.8 pounds for the year.  I’ve lost 62 sticks of butter!  🙂

This is been a unique week.  I fought cravings like crazy this week and I also had female stuff going on.  Typically during this time, I gain 5-7 pounds of water weight.  This time, I gained .4.  That’s a huge difference for me!  I’ve learned several things about cravings this week – when I have them, I eat what I’m craving.  God gave me that craving for a reason – my body needs it.  The thing I’m having to learn is that my body does not need 3 of what I’m craving!  I also have figured out I eat when I’m thinking about food so I change my thought pattern or get involved in something else (walk away from the kitchen, go play with the kids, walk out to the mailbox, turn on the radio, go work out).  I’m still doing 20 minutes a day on the eliptical (except for Sundays) and trying to work in other active times – going to the park, playing with the kids, going for a family walk, etc.

My food choices are changing.  That book I mentioned last week (Dr. Shapiro’s Picture Perfect Weight Loss 30 Day Plan) has been a very good resource for me.  Again the calories in 1 biscuit = 14 slices of toast with jelly… totally blew me away!  There’s so much more that I’ve learned from that book!  I’ve tried garden burgers this week, I ate salmon w/ roasted veggies (seriously, roasted veggies are FANTASTIC), roasted veggie pizza, salsa soup… I love to cook so I’ve had a fun time learning new recipes. 

I’ve stopped rewarding my kids with food as their treat for doing extra work or helping out around the house.  I didn’t realize how much I did that.  When my daughter lost a tooth this week, we gave her a book under her pillow instead of candy.  She loved it!  When we talk about celebrating, we don’t involve eating out.  This weekend is the opening weekend of the NCAA Basketball Tournament and my husband and son go spend a few days with my father-in-law.  It’s a girl’s weekend for my daughter and I and we were talking about what we wanted to do.  Instead of going out to eat, we decided it would be fun to go roller skating and then take some healthy foods to the park & have a picnic.  Creating memories…. and changing the way I (and my family) think about food.   I’ve always heard you have to change your relationship with food and I think I’m starting to understand what that entails.  I’ve still got a lot to learn but I’m getting there. 

I decided to set some specific number goals with my life coach last week and we decided a reasonable goal for me to reach is 173 by June 1, 2011.  (Getting closer to you Tom Hailey!!)  That would put me at -31.4 pounds for the year and 23 pounds left to my goal weight of 150.  We broke that down into smaller weekly goals of 1.5 pounds per week or to take some weekly pressure off, we decided on 6 pounds per month.  That’s a good, slow, steady weight loss that I can accomplish.  This is a marathon – a slow and steady race that will not be won if I’m in a hurry.  My sponsor, Terri, is amazing.  I know I talk about her & Brian (the coach) every week but I cannot stress how vital it is to have a support system OTHER than your spouse.  It’s too much responsibility to put on your spouse so I urge you… don’t put that pressure on them.  The relationship dynamic is too challenging. 

I appreciate all of your support, your encouraging comments and your prayers.  I shared this battle with my church family this week and they have been very supportive and encouraging.  I encourage you to share your battle with someone.  It’s insanely hard to open up and share this stuff with strangers on facebook & the internet but it was especially difficult for me to share this with my church family – the folks that see me eat a doughnut Sunday mornings or see me in the grocery store weekly.  It adds a whole new level of accountability and support.  Thanks for reading my ramblings….  subscribe to this blog to read my ramblings every week!  😉  Click on “Yep, I’m in!  Sign me up!” in the right hand column of this blog and you’ll get a reminder whenever I post stuff on here.  Share comments with me – let me know how you’re doing on this road to recovery. 

If you do what you did, you get what you got.


5 thoughts on “A New Decade of Pounds

  1. Hey Tammy – way to go girl, I’m so proud of you! You are doing an amazing job! You are continuing to set a great example for all of us by demonstrating the possibilities of what can (WILL) happen when we take the time to set a meaningful goal, devise a realistic plan, take consistent action, and most of all, believe in ourselves!

    Keep it up!!!



  2. Tammy,
    Woo Hoo!! you go girl!! This is the first time I’ve read your blog!! I am so excited for you! I have been struggling with my weight for the past five years, reaching just shy of 200lbs.!! Last summer, I got down to 179lbs. Huge accomplishment for me! But…after Christmas, I gained a whopping 10lbs back! Ever since then, it has been a struggle to lose it all, leading to depression and lack of motivation!!
    I would love to hear more of your strategies in weight loss!! You have become my new inspiration!! 🙂
    Mary Ann


    1. Thanks Mary Ann – I’ve been recovering since January 22nd. I’ve written in my blogs just about everything I’ve done to get this far so read back through the archives. I started this at 204.4 and my ideal weight is around 150. My next goal I’m striving to reach is to be at 173 by June 1st. Thanks for your kind words – I’ve tried all my life to lose weight and have never stuck to anything this long. But there’s nothing to really stick to this time – I’m not dieting, I’m changing the relationship I have with food. It’s making a huge difference.


    2. Hi Mary Ann,

      You can do this too! The first step in accomplishing any goal or making any meaningful change in your life is to really think about the “reasons” for making the change. I truly believe that if we have strong enough reasons, we can accomplish anything! Tammy had / has some VERY strong reasons for “needing” to lose weight. Our first step was to identify those reasons and then find a way to keep those reasons in front of her at all times. She’s done an awesome job at that and she has the results to prove it!

      So, ask yourself… Why MUST I lose weight now???
      Go for it!!

      Please let me know if I can help you in ANY way.
      You can email me directy at Brian@GainLifeCoaching.com or visit my blog at http://www.gaingroundtoday.com



  3. *Terri is doing the happy dance for you!*

    You are on the right track! For you to come this far and ‘connect the dots’ you’ve connected is phenomenal! You ROCK! Keep it up! You CAN do this! How do I know? Because you ARE doing this!

    ❤ you!


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