Grocery Trip

Today’s grocery trip was not a full grocery trip – it’s more of a fill in the gaps until the next big grocery trip kind of day.  I spent $78 on everything you see here.  Mind you that little light bulb in the lower lefthand corner was $4 , the candle lamp shade was on clearance for $2.75 and the yarn was $10 so there’s really about $60 in food.  Bananas were on sale – they’ll be put in the dehydrator and we’ll have banana chips to snack on.  The breads are all on sale and I really stocked up on bread this time.  The 2 bigger loaves will be put in the fridge for use next week.  Those orange stickers indicate a managers special and they’re on just about everything purchased at Kroger.  (Some of these items came from WalMart).  Notice a lot of the items are organic (so you CAN still stay under budget and eat healthy).  I do not have to buy milk or much meat this week (the package in the front is sandwich meat) so my costs are a little less.  I didn’t have very many coupons (4 total) this week so this trip is mostly just looking for the sales.  The oat bran box was squished and marked down from $2.19 to $1.09.  The chocolates were marked down from $2.99 to .90 and I had a .75 off coupon.  Just wanted to share what a regular grocery trip entails for me. 

And I purchased the oats and granola for a homemade chewy granola bar recipe I just got this week.


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