Blessings all around…

When I get down, which I tend to do from time to time, I am often challenged to look around and see the everyday blessings around me.  We’ve been so incredibly busy this past two weeks that I’ve not exercised like I should, I have been inconsistent with my devotions and I’m getting headaches!  So today, I had some time – to sit and “Be Still…”  and God blessed that time. 

Tomorrow will be my 10th year wedding anniversary.  There are relationships in turmoil & dissolving all around us and it is sometimes depressing to watch loved ones go through such a horrible experience.  But God has reminded me to reflect on the blessings. 

Yesterday, I had the blessing of photographing some families from our church.  I cannot tell you how much of a blessing they have been to us.  Stan and Lisa are amazing parents and support and love their beautiful children.  They are wonderful friends and very supportive.  Fran is an amazingly strong woman and her little boy is just precious.  When her friend couldn’t bring her baby to model the headbands for me, Fran worked tirelessly to find a replacement and set it all up.  Fran lost a child a few years ago – something I pray I will never experience firsthand.  I watched my best friend Mattie and her husband Ben bury their little girl, Shyla.  Bryan, Fran, Ben and Mattie have all been models of God’s love and strength through their loss.  I think God has to touch a special place in your heart to heal such a pain. 

Where does my hope come from?  It comes from the Lord…  if you don’t understand that, then I can’t explain it to you.  God is good… all the time.


One thought on “Blessings all around…

  1. Tammy, we love you guys. As you said, the pain of losing a chid is indescribable, but there is Hope and Healing in our Lord. Thank you for letting me know that you are thinking of us. I know it is a difficult thing to talk about, but just knowing she isn’t forgotten by our friends in so important. Thank you for mentioning her name and recognizing this grief that most people expect us to hide. You are a true friend.

    Big Hugs!


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