in People Magazine, May 17th, 2010 issue p. 49So my mom called me last night to ask me if I knew the good news?  She told me my cousin Shannon had been calling me & couldn’t get me.  Well, Shannon had told us all this past weekend that she was pregnant.  I thought THAT was the good news.  Then my mom so lovingly said, “NO, ding-dong!  Your image of Nanny & the kids is in People Magazine!!!”  After I got done squealing & screaming, I hung up and drove like an idiot to WalMart to buy 5 copies!  And right there, on page 49 of the May 17th issue, there is the image of my grandma “Nanny” and my 2 kids.  People Magazine has a readership of 3.75 million – LOTS of people can see MY image!  I’m so excited! 

I went back to Rehoboth over Thanksgiving (2009) and did a “Barn Collection” series.  Had about half a dozen people sign up for one of these sessions.  Since I already had my equipment with me, I took my stuff down to Nanny’s house & began taking some images & got this gorgeous one!  Notice the scratch on my daughter’s face – she just finished duking it out with a dog & she lost… 🙂  That’s okay, though.  Was still a great image. 

So, I’ve contacted 5 different newspapers & issued a press release.  Several will be doing a story on the piece & I’ll have lots more to blog about over the coming weeks!  God is so good – it’s because of Him that I have the talent & passion to do this!


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